On July 27, 2003, DBAONLINE held our summer picnic at the beautiful Spruce Run Recreation Area. Approximately 150 members and their families joined us. Some members came from as far as Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. The delicious barbecue, desert, fruits, drinks prepared by DBAONLINE and the home-made food brought by members created a fancy outdoor dining experience. The round-table talk show in the shade made members laugh to tears. Swimming lovers enjoyed themselves to the fullest in the lake. Kids were too busy at building sand castles to go home. Also featured were competitive volleyball and badminton matches. Members also took time to exchange work experience and a happy, relaxed day at the park was had by all.

Although DBAONLINE has hosted many successful technical seminars in the past, this was our first organized outdoor summer gathering. It was a great success due to the coordinated efforts of the committee members and the enthusiastic support of our members. Everybody suggested that we organize this kind of activity more often to enrich our life and improve communication and cooperation between members. We are going to take their advice and try to create more relaxed atmosphere to help strengthen our association.