DBA Online SIG Seminar, March 4, 2006


 Dear DBA Online members,

American DBAOnline has successfully held another Special Interest Group (SIG) seminar in MetLife conference room in Edison, New Jersey on Saturday, March 4, 2006. This SIG seminar focused on Oracle Database Performance & Tuning. It is composed of two sessions, technical presentation and panel discussion. More than 80 Oracle professionals from tri-state area attended SIG. The SIG was hosted by Dr. Wei Tang, EVP of DBAOnline. Two experts from Oracle Corporation and two DBAOnline committee members serve as the panelists of the SIG. With their extensive Oracle implementation experience, four panelists gave their wonderful presentations to share their knowledge and real world experience in different environment with the members. During discussion, many questions were answered and discussed by the panelists and other member.

The SIG start with our president Mr. David Wang’s opening remarks and one minute performance tip (see blow). By using this tip, he was able to tune a poor performance database ten times faster.

The presentation started with Mr. John Gao, Senior principal consultant of Oracle Corporation with topic of “from ‘Firefighter’ to Architect “. John used four real life cases to present his over 17 years unique experiences working on information management systems, data warehouse and ERP/CRM System implementation, parallel server and Real Application Cluster implementation, system capacity plan, performance tuning and testing, system high availability design and implementation. His experiences told us that as a good DBA, you are not just a firefighter to solve problem when it happens. You need to proactively prevent and solved the problem before it happens and need to involve in the business process as an architect. You need to have more advanced thinking and stay on the edge of the new technologies. With this thought in mind and action in work, John was able to reduce the problem tickets from 300/year to 50/year in less than three years and tuned the sluggish system into sound fast system many times.

The next presentation was made by Mr. Jeff Zheng, Senior DBA of Caxton, a hedge fund company, with topic of “Hints In The Performance Tuning”. Jeff has 6 years extensive Oracle DBA and developer experiences on tuning the terabyte size database for the business intelligent application. Jeff has worked many years as application developer prior to his tenure as an Oracle DBA. His presentation focus on how to use nested loop, merge join and hash joins, which he called as powerful “three axes”, to improve the performance of a SQL application. His presentation brought us into another level of understanding of hints in a SQL.

The presentation continued by Mr. Steven Liu, Senior Principle Consultant of Oracle Corporation, with topic of “Summary Management In Data Warehouse”. Steven has over ten years of IT experiences and specializes in data warehouse & business intelligence. Steven has implemented many oracle data warehouses across several industries including banking, financial service, manufacture, retail, telecommunication, travel, and pharmaceutical. As a system architect and DBA managing multi-terabytes customer analytics data warehouse, he has extensive experiences on a 10g database, 10G application server, 10G grid control and 10G warehouse builder platform. Steven’s presentation focused on how to utilize the materialized view to improve the reporting performance and simplify the ETL process. Steven’s presentation showed us that database tuning can not only be done in the database level, but also be done in by modeling level for implementing new database technologies.

The closing presentation was given by Daniel Hu, Certified Senior DBA and VP of DBAOnline with topical of “Oracle 10g RAC - Upgrade performance issue”. Daniel has over 10 years experience on relational database technologies as well as other components of the Oracle technology stack. He presented many hand-on experience and tricks on upgrading the system from 8i to 9i RAC and 10g RAC. He truly shared a valuable knowledge gained from his hard work.

The panel discussion session was another excitement in this SIG. After a question was raised, not only our speakers answered it and explained it in detail, but also many of our members shared their knowledge and experience in their real work. The interaction between the panelists and audience made the SIG a true platform for the technical skill and knowledge exchange. Our members also enjoyed the break time for the social networking. During the session, Mr. Howard Wang from MetLife gave us a brief seminar regarding financial planning and received a warm welcome.

Today, every IT professionals include DBAs and other application developers are facing a big challenge ever, the faster changing technology, the internet and the outsourcing. We need to work together, help each other to secure our jobs and make our future brighter. A very important mission of DBAOnline SIG session is to provide a platform to everyone for technical skill exchange and personal networking. Let’s work together to archive this goal. Our next SIG will be Database Performance & Tuning-2. We encourage our members to standup to be a panelist to share your experience. Please email to wtang88@yahoo.com if you like to be one of the next panelists.

Thanks all of you for your long time support of DBAOnline. Thanks to our four speakers who spend a lot of time and effort to prepare and shared their knowledge and expertise. Thanks to our host, Dr. Wei Tang and our committee members for organizing this SIG. Special thanks to Howard Wang and Sarah Qian, the Metlife financial planning specialists for the support by providing the conference room.


DBAOnline Committee



American DBA Online's SIG Seminar



Database Performance & Tuning


Saturday, March 4, 2006


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


The SIG Seminar is free to the public with limited seating.  Registration required


MetLife Office Conference Room

2025 Route 27, 1st Floor, Edison, New Jersey

(In the same complex as Clarion Hotel)


2025 Lincoln Highway (Route 27),   Edison, NJ 08817
Click here to see direction

Sponsors of this eventMetLife


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