American DBA Online & NJCCPS Seminar on latest Oracle Technology


March 24 2007 is an important date for both NJCCPS and American DBA Online. It was the first time that the two organizations held a technical seminar together. The event at Clarion hotel in Edison, New Jersey was a huge success. It attracted over 100 IT professionals who took the Saturday afternoon to learn Oracle related technologies as well as IT trend.


The seminar started with opening remarks by the two presidents, Mr. Jiangang Luo from NJCCPS and Mr. David Wang from American DBAOnline. Jiangang mainly briefed us the reason behind why the two parties co-organized the event and acknowledged the team effort which made the this happen. David stated as well that NJCCPS and DBAOnline had cooperated many times in the past, it was really exciting to have such event together. David also kept his one-minute technical tip program and shared with us one new feature in 10g, the Faster Start Failover tip for DataGuard. Ms. Jean Xie, a beautiful young lady from NJCCPS, who happened to be an Oracle DBA as well, hosted the seminar.


The seminar was separated into two forums. The first half part of the seminar was for Oracle generic technologies. Our keynote speaker was Mr. Jon Huang. Jon is a Principal Solution Architect from Oracle. Jon had been a frequent presenter at numerous Oracle technical events as well as Partner Corporate. Audience was very impressed by the big picture he presented to us about Oracle's strategy to customer's success and the role of Oracle Fusion Platform and Fusion Application will play in Oracle's road map to stay ahead in software industry.


Our second speech in the general session was by Mr. Qi Wang with the topic of 'Experience the Data Warehousing with Oracle10g'. Qi is a consulting technical manager in Business Intelligent/Analytics consulting division of the Oracle Corporation. He has over 15 years of experience in data warehousing for telecommunications, manufacturing, financial, pharmaceutical industries as well as government agencies. By utilizing Oracle OLAP technologies, he has implemented many Enterprise Data Warehouse Applications that focus on business intelligent and decision making process for meeting the fast changing and growing business needs. The presentation really summarized his knowledge and experience on Data Warehousing technology on the design, implementation, tuning and best practices side that will benefit us a lot.


During break there were raffles and prizes, provided by MetLife agent Sarah Qian, Howard Wang and by DoubleBridge. Audience also got opportunity to network with fellow IT professionals working in different companies and industries.


The second part of the seminar was separated in two rooms and went concurrently. This is also our new format as well. In Windsor Room, still hosted by Jean Xie, there were two DBA related topic. In Lincoln Room Hosted by Steven Liu, there were two application presentations. Our first DBA speaker was Mr. Indy Johal who is a Manager for PR Newswire. Indy has been working as lead database administrator and architect from last more than 10 years. He is the founder of Data Softech Inc., a New Jersey based company specialized for providing complete database support solution and training to various clients. He has written various Oracle technical articles for journals and magazines including Oracle Magazine. He has also spoken at Oracle Open World and many Oracle User Groups. Mr. Johal shared with us on Oracle 10g AWR, ASH, ADDM, Advisory and ASMM which was very interesting to DBAs. For those who just got used to Statspacks, you should consider using those new tools for performance tuning and analyses. The ASH feature especially would enable us to see the performance history for your database inside your SGA and you can run report just once to do the comparison. That sounded really cool. Mr. Stefan Kwiatkowski, who was Senior Staff Sales Engineer from Symantec Field Sales, has been with Symantec since 1998 and has focused on solutions for Enterprise Storage and Availability technology for both large and small data centers in the United States. With the widespread growth of Oracle in open systems, Mr. Kwiatkowski has identified storage management for Oracle RDBMS as being a major concern for all Oracle users who manage critical systems. He has made storage management and availability for Oracle RDBMS his area of expertise, and has presented to other Oracle groups such as NYOUG and Oracle Technology Symposiums. Mr. Kwiatkowski also has a broad background in open systems networking and security, working with open systems resellers and military agencies. Although being a salesman, Stefan is very technical in depth and always impressed us with his knowledge on both the system and Oracle world. In this speech, he presented us with the title speech 'ASM vs. VERITAS for Oracle10g RAC'. He gave us very clear overview of Oracle's RAC architecture down to storage level and explained to us how RAC could leverage their solution to obtain optimal performance and manageability.


At the other room for application forum, the first speaker was Mr. Jingnan Zhou. Mr. Zhou is a technical manager of the Service-Oriented Architecture group in Oracle Advanced Technology Solutions. His expertise area includes J2EE application framework, Enterprise application integration, Service-oriented architecture and Oracle 11i Business suite implementation and integration Oracle North America region. He is the only person who is both Microsoft technology and Oracle technology expert in Oracle NY Metro region. He is also a contributor to open source community. In his speech he talked about Oracle SOA and Fusion Middleware Our 2nd presentation for application session was by Ms. Jayne Chu. Ms. Chu is a technical manager in the Advanced Technology Services Consulting division of Oracle Corporation. She has a very extensive background in data modeling for large-scale data warehouses. For the six years at Oracle, she has led and managed data warehouse and data mart project teams with responsibilities for all phases of Data Warehouse development life cycle which includes requirements gathering, documentation, data mapping & transformation, data modeling & system design, development of system specifications, integration of desktop/client and all data warehouse server back ends, development of integration and user acceptance test plans, and user training. Jayne was a frequent speaker to DBAOnline as well. This time she talked about Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions from application side of view. It was a very technical intensive afternoon that everybody agreed that the knowledge they learned from those top experts will help them in their current positions. It will also enable them to stay ahead of the game and knew fairly new technologies.


The event continued as over 50 people headed to Garden Buffet to have a dinner party. The party hosted by Jean Xie and David Wang. Members from both organizations got to know each other more and became closer while having a good time. There were funny games, jokes, riddles, singing, dancing and good food. There were a lot of raffles and prizes as well provided by DoubleBridge and other vendors. Everybody really enjoyed the party and looked forward to the next joint event.


Once again, we would like to thank all of the speakers for their contribution; We like to thank Oracle Corporation for continue sponsoring the events of American DBAOnline; We like to thank all the officers and committee members from both organizations to prepare and run the event, especially, David Wang, Jiangang Luo, Andy Lin, Wei Tang, Jean Xie, Qi Wang, Carol Sheng, John Zhong, Laurel Lou, Warren Yang, Yi Han, Daniel Hu, April Cai, Yan Lin, Stan Ma, Jeff Zheng, Steven Liu and Eddie Cheung, etc; We like to thank all members and guests of NJCCPS and DBAOnline come to attend the event.


NJCCPS and DBA Online Committee



Saturday, March 24, 2007


1:00 PM - 5:30 PM 


The seminar is free to the public with limited seating.  Registration required


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Clarion Hotel & Towers, Edison, New Jersey


2055 Lincoln Highway (Route 27),   Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-287-3500
Click here to see the directions


Seminar Program   (Subject to change)




General Session: 1:30pm-3:30pm  


Opening Remark

By Mr. Jiangang Luo, President fo NJCCPS and Mr. David Wang, President of DBA Online



Oracle's Strategy for Customer Success

By Mr. Jon Huang, Principal Solution Architect,  Oracle Corp.


Experience the Data Warehousing with Oracle10g  

By Mr. Qi Wang, Technical Manager, Oracle Corp.


Break   (Raffle)



DBA Session: 3:30pm-5:30pm  ( Windsor Room )



Oracle 10g AWR,ASH,ADDM,Advisory and ASMM

By Mr. Indy Johal, Principal Consultant, Data Softech Inc.






ASM vs. VERITAS for Oracle10g RAC

By Mr. Stefan Kwiatkowski, Senior Architect,  Symatec Technology (Veritas)



Q & A

By all speakers


Application Session: 3:30pm-5:30pm  ( Talmadge Room )


Oracle SOA and Fusion Middleware

By Mr. Jingnan Zhou, Technical Manager, Oracle Corp.





Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions

By Ms. Jayne Chu, Technical Manager, Oracle Corp.



Q & A

By all speakers


IT Professional Party: 6:00pm-10:00pm  


Dinner, Party, Karaoke, Dancing & Networking

Location: Grand Buffet Restaurant & Bar

101 New World Way

South Plainfield, NJ 07080

(908) 412-8880


Dinner: $20 per person

Online Registration

Sponsors of this event:  Oracle Corp.


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