DBA Online Conference in April 2005



As database technology is becoming mature and standard, which direction should you go? This is the question many IT professionals have to face and think.  The seminar organized by American DBAOnline addressed our members' concern.  Furthermore it provided some practical solutions to stay ahead of the IT trend.  The seminar was held at Clarion Hotel, Edison, NJ on April 23, 2005.  More than one hundred members attended the seminar.

Our new committee member, Ms. Tong Hu, hosted the seminar.  She not only introduced our speakers to the audience, but also encouraged audience who sit closely together to greet themselves to each other.  It is our mission to provide a platform for our members to exchange the most desirable technical knowledge and to build up more communication and collaboration network among database administration professionals.

Mr. David Wang, the President of American DBAOnline started the seminar with opening remarks.  He welcomed the guests and talked about the work plan for DBA Online. He also provided a DBA tip on “table compression” with a real world case which saved 58% of the storage hardware and thousands of dollars with this feature.  Some members responded back that the tip is valuable to their workplace.  We look forward to more "secret weapons" from David.


The technical presentation covers four hot topics at the current job market: RAC, Security, Oracle Application Server and Data Guard.

First of all, Mr. Darron Clark, the senior Oracle instructor from Oracle Corporation based in NJ, provided a unique speech on "Implementation of Oracle9i/10g Real Application Cluster".  Darron not only focused on RAC architecture and implementation, but also gave an overview on the state of the Oracle Database Industry.  He advised the skills that DBA should have.  He gave out "knock them dead" tips on RAC related questions for the job interview.  His presentation is informative and entertaining.  He wore a red hat to show his confidence on “RED HAT” Linux.

Then, Mr. Henry Parnell, the product manager from Lumigent Technologies, presented the technology on "Enterprise Data Auditing with Lumigent Entegra".  In today's world, continuous monitoring and auditing of data has became a prerequisite for all companies dealing with regulatory compliance.  Henry identified the various approaches on database auditing.  The solution was discussed on the requirements of the enterprise auditing.  It is provided as a framework to differentiate among these approaches.


After it, Mr. Nicholas Donatone, the president of NJOUG (New Jersey Oracle User Group), and the VP of MFG system, gave us a presentation on "Oracle Application Server 10g: Quick Installation Guide".  Oracle Application 10g is gaining momentum with its rich new features and enhancements.  Nick is a renowned speaker in large conferences such as NJOUG, NYOUG, OracleWorld and so on.  He navigated the installer through the Quick Installation Guide that Oracle provides this time.  He pointed out important parameters.  His step-by-step procedures significantly help attendees achieve quick and easy installation of Oracle Application Server 10g. 

Last but certainly not the least, Dr. John Zhong, the senior database architect from CitiGroup, and VP from American DBAOnline gave us the keynote speech on "Oracle Data Guard for High Availability and Disaster Recovery".  John started his presentation with the overview of architecture and the key features on Data Guard.  Furthermore, he explained in details on configuring physical standby database and performing graceful switchover and failover.  He also shared his insight on alternatives for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.  Following his thorough and well-organized presentation, you can configure and manage the Data Guard by yourself even you may never touch it before.


The fun "Oracle10g Technical Quiz" was interpolated by the committee VP, Mr. Daniel Hu.  The questions and the gifts he thoughtfully prepared made both participants and winners excited.  The quiz becomes a must-have traditional desert for our seminar.


In addition, we were honored to have Lumigent Technologies and LogicWorks sponsored this seminar.

American DBAOnline hosted another successful event.  Thanks for David’s leadership.  Thanks for our committee members’ voluntary work and active preparation.  Thanks for our vendors' sponsorship.  Most important, thank you all, our hundreds of members' participation and support!




American DBA Online's Technical Seminar



Saturday, April. 23, 2005


1:00 PM - 5:30 PM  Seminar


The seminar is free to the public with limited seating.  Registration required


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Clarion Hotel & Towers, Edison, New Jersey


2055 Lincoln Highway (Route 27),   Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-287-3500

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Seminar Program   (Subject to change)


Opening Remark (and one-minute DBA Tips)

By Mr. David Wang, President of DBAOnline


Implementation of Oracle9i/ 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC)

By Mr. Darron Clark, Senior Oracle Instructor,  Oracle Corporation 


Enterprise Data Auditing with Lumigent Entegra 

By Mr. Henry Parnell, Product Manager, Lumigent Technologies 





Oracle Application Server 10g: Quick Installation Guide

By Mr. Nicholas J. Donatone President, NJOUG; VP of MFG Systems 


Oracle10g Technical Quiz (with prize)

By DBAOnline Committee





Oracle Data Guard for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

 By Dr. John Zhong, Senior Database Architect,  CitiGroup; VP of DBA Online 


Q & A


Sponsors of this event


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