Summary of the DBA Online seminar on April 26, 2003

The dismal rainy weather and the fear of SARS didn’t seem to affect the DBAOnline gathering -- around 200 members and guests attended DBAOnline’s 2003 April technical seminar that was held in Clarion Hotel, Edison NJ.

The five-hour seminar started when our hostess Ms. Yan Zhang introduced the president of DBAOnline and Youngtech, Mr. David Wang, to the audience and welcomed him to give us opening remarks.


David briefly went over the history of DBAOnline and its current position. Then he introduced current IT industry trends and shared his vision on future development. He emphasized that Linux technology has become more and more popular due to various reasons. When he finished the speech referencing Larry Ellison’s statement: “We’ll be running our whole business on Linux”, everybody could feel that the Linux wave is looming.


Although configuring SQL*Net connection is DBA’s 101 task, few people had experience with LDAP technology. Mr. John Zhong, Senior Oracle DBA from Goldman Sachs, analyzed the pros and cons of different SQL*Net connection methodologies, including tnsnames and naming server. In detail he introduced LDAP, another way to set up sqlnet administrations. His presentation covered details on how to add TNS Service Names to an OID, how to configure and create an OracleContext. Although it is still a quite new technology to most of the audience, LDAP started to be widely used due to following reasons: easy administration and implementation, flexibility, scalability and cost savings to the companies.  It should be one of the skills that add value to our jobs.


Mr. Dave Anderson, founder and senior instructor of Skillbuilders, gave us a presentation on oracle 9I new features for DBA/developers. Even though many people were already quite familiar with the topic, Dave’s instruction was so thorough and organized that it certainly brought our 9i knowledge to a new height.  Plus, he provided many ready-to-use scripts to help us familiarize with the new features ourselves. Dave had over 20 years of database experience and is a nationally recognized oracle expert and speaker. We are very honored to have him as our speaker!  The great news is: he also liked our audience and agreed to present at our seminar again in the future.

This seminar is probably one of the biggest events for DBAOnline. We had several vendors supported us financially and enabled us to give quality IT education and advancement free to the public. Among them are two of the biggest vendors in the industry, Computer Associates and Quest Software Company. Mr. Jeff Surretsky,  technical team leader from Quest, explained some theories behind performance tunings with his in-depth Oracle knowledge. He also introduced their new tuning tool Quest Central that can leverage DBA’s tuning effort. Ms Sandra Dearing from Computer Associates talked about the considerations involved during decision-making processes as why and how to choose off-the-shelf tools. It really gave us some guidelines when we need to use that analysis methodology to purchase tools later.


It seemed to support David’s “Why Linux” topic, Mr. Sean Hull, senior consultant and founder of iheavy Inc, gave the presentation on Oracle on Linux -- low cost RAC with Firewire. Sean instructed us with amazing details on how to set up a real oracle 9i RAC on Linux with just a few hundred dollars. He also went over the whole architectural picture of the RAC system. His presentation handout sure can be our manual if we want to gain hands on experience on Linux and RAC and add something impressive to our resumes.


As always, hours passed by without notice. Quest software also brought the audience some good surprise: there were T-shirts available for those people who dropped their business cards at the door after seminar!


With or without T-shirt, everybody had a great time.  Many attendees expressed that they enjoyed meeting their old and new DBA friends as much as learning hot technologies.


At the end Yan thanked all the speakers, vendors, guests and members for their work and involvement to make the seminar another success.

 Keep up good work, DBAOnline!

Download presentations in the seminar:

Migrate TNS Names to LDAP  by John Zhong

Why Script, When You Can Buy it Off-the-Shelf Cheaper?  By Computer Associates

Quest Database Health Check  By Quest Software

Oracle9i New Features for Developer/DBA  By SkillBuilders

Oracle on Linux - Low Cost RAC with Firewire   By Sean Hull


  Last DBA Online Seminar
(April 26, 2003)
Date April 26, 2003 (Saturday)
Time 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The seminar is free to the public with limited seating. Registration Required

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Clarion Hotel & Towers, Edison, New Jersey


2055 Lincoln Highway (Route 27),   Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-287-3500

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Agenda   (Subject to change)
1:00pm-1:15pm  Opening Remarks - General Information

By David Wang, President of DBAOnline,  Youngtech


Integrate TNS Names with LDAP

By John Zhong, Senior Oracle DBA, Goldman Sachs


Health Check Your Database  - A performance tuning methodology with Quest Central

By Azeem Mohamed, Product Marketing Manager,  Quest Software  
3:00pm-3:10pm        Break



Oracle9i New features for Developer/DBA

by Dave Anderson, Senior Instructor, SkillBuilders

Get your life back! Why script, when you can buy it off-the-shelf cheaper?

  • The ever changing Oracle
  • DBA responsibilities & challenges
  • Performing database maintenance
  • How to determine what is needed
  • What to consider in making the decision
  • Not all tools are the same
  • Extra benefits from tools
  • by Sandra Dearing,  Computer Associates  
    4:50pm-5:00pm   Break

    Oracle on Linux - Lowcost RAC w/Firewire

    by Sean Hull, Senior Oracle DBA,  iHeavy Inc.    

    Q & A 



    Sponsors:  Quest Software  Computer Associates Youngtech SkillBuilders  NJCCPS

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