American DBA Online's Technical Seminar

November 2006


American DBA Online successfully held the third large technical seminar of the year in Clarion hotel in Edison, NJ Saturday 11/11/2006. It was a warm and sunshiny late autumn weekend day. Still, over 80 experienced Oracle DBAs and IT professionals attended this meeting. They were attracted to the event by the interesting topics and high-quality presenters.


It is the 7th year for American DBA Online, as proudly pointed out by the president of American DBA Online organization – Mr. David Wang in his opening remarks. DBA Online survived the low of the Internet bubble days, and is thriving high on the rebound of the IT market. Our membership passed the 1,000 mark and we’ve had more industry sponsors including Oracle Corporation! Our success can’t happen without our members’ dedication, our presenters’ community services, giving spirit, and our sponsors’ generous support!


We invited Mr. Sean Hull as the keynote speaker. Sean’s topic was Diagnosing Bottlenecks in Your Database. Sean is the founder and senior consultant at Heavyweight Internet Group based in New York City. He frequently presents at other Oracle professional groups such as NYOUG. Inspired by a PERL-based, command-line tool for Unix – Otop (as the name implies, it’s based on the popular Unix “top” utility), Sean is the advocate for a PERL-based, command-line monitoring and diagnostic tool for Oracle database – Mtop. Mtop gives you many facts and statistics about your database’s performance at a glance. It’s a more graphical and easier way to query the Oracle Wait Interface. In his presentation, Sean also talked about various Oracle wait events, what wait events to look out for, how to identify some typical bottlenecks, and how to use OTop and MTop to tackle the problems. If you’re interested in OTop and Mtop, or want to contribute to enhancing the freeware tools, please contact Sean at Sean also brought five copies of the book that he co-authored: Oracle and Open Source (2001, O’Reilly & Associates) for raffle.


FalconStor Software, Inc. offers an array of proven data protection & storage solutions for large and medium enterprises. Their main products & services include Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Virtual Tape Library and Network Storage Servers. With more and bigger Oracle databases in your company, reliable and speedy daily backups are essential. Storage consolidation most likely is of your concern too. After 9/11, disaster recovery and business continuity become never more important. FalconStore specializes in these touchy areas. The Vice President of Network Storage Solutions for FalconStor – Mr. Donald Mead gave a presentation on how FalconStor software works, how it achieves fast and reliable data replication to remote site(s) in a smart way - by maintaining a baseline and then transmitting the delta, changes only. Their products have been deployed by a wide range of Fortune 1000 enterprises. The company of one of our members purchased this software and is happy with the performance. If you need reference, please contact Mr. David Wang. If you want to learn more about the products & services, please feel free to contact the Regional Sales Director – Mr. Jason Lin at 718-888-7809,


Besides sponsoring for this event, FalconStor also brought a HP PhotoSmart printer worth $250 and some USB pen-drive for raffle. Our member, Frank Huang, was the lucky winner for the printer. Some audiences regretted that they didn’t sign up and missed the drawing opportunity. So next time, please remember to sign up with our vendors first.


The second half of the seminar was for panel discussion focusing on database performance tuning. All four panelists were technical managers or senior principal consultants (past or present) from Oracle Corporation, and they were Ms. Jayne Chu, Mr. David Wang, Mr. John Gao and Mr. Jingnan Zhou. Ms. Jayne Chu is a technical manager at the data warehouse division of Oracle Corporation. She gave a presentation on Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) 10gR2 – a Single Comprehensive Tool for All Aspects of Data Management. She also gave a demo for how to create and maintain three types of Slowing Changing Dimensions by using OWB.


The gold-medal Oracle instructor Mr. David Wang still stays very technical and hands-on after so many years. Based on the personal experience for the projects that he recently worked on, David summarized the top 10 performance tricks for Oracle 10g migration. Many companies are believed to be in full swing for Oracle 10g migration right now. So his tips are in time for help and reference, and may save you a lot of frustration and efforts. The #10 trick was to use the Oracle supplied package DBSM_STATS to analyze all schemas with different percentage of sample data in order to achieve the best performance. The #1 trick was that for those very few SQLs that running slower after Oracle 10g migration, you can still do alter session to use 9i optimizer! To learn about the rest, please log on to later for his presentation materials.


Mr. John Gao is a senior principal consultant at Oracle Corporation. He has over 17 years of diverse experience in Oracle database and information systems. John presented on the common Oracle performance issues. Based on the statistics that he collected, John categorized the common performance issues into data modeling mistakes such as inappropriate normalizations, programming missteps such as not using bind variables or inefficient function calls, and database configurations. He also talked through how to deal with or correct the issues as an Oracle DBA.


Mr. Jingnan Zhou is a technical manager of the Service-Oriented Architecture group in Oracle Advanced Technology Solutions. He gave us an overview of the Oracle Times Ten In-memory database and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and how these new technologies could boost the application performance. Oracle Times Ten In-memory database is a new product acquired by Oracle Corporation and is generally installed in the application tier. As an Oracle DBA, you can definitely benefit from knowing what it is and how it works, so you can make the most appropriate recommendations to your clients – the application developers instead of being solely and wrongly blamed for poor database performance.


This seminar was also sponsored by Ms. Joyce Qi Huang – an AXA financial advisor. Besides boosting your database performance, if you want to boost your personal financial performance, please consult with Ms. Joyce Qi Huang in Morristown, NJ.


Soon it’s that time of year again. We wish you a happy holiday season in advance!


DBA Online Committee



Saturday, Nov. 11, 2006


1:00 PM - 5:30 PM 


The seminar is free to the public with limited seating.  Registration required


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Clarion Hotel & Towers, Edison, New Jersey


2055 Lincoln Highway (Route 27),   Edison, NJ 08817
Phone: 732-287-3500
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Seminar Program   (Subject to change)





Opening Remark

By Mr. David Wang, President of DBA Online



Diagnostic Bottlenecks in your database

By Mr. Sean Hall, Founder & Senior Consultant at HeavyWeight Internet Groups. 





Leverage Continuous Data Protection for Efficient Disaster Recovery and Faster Backup 

By Mr. Raymond Zhao, Senior Engineer of FalconStor Software 


Break   (Raffle)



Panel Discussion:


Performance & Tuning for Oracle Database

By Ms. Jayne Chu, Technical Manager, Oracle Corp.

Mr. Qi Wang, Technical Manager, Oracle Corp.

Mr. John Gao, Senior Principal Consultant, Oracle Corp.

Mr. Jingnan Zhou, Technical Manager, Oracle Corp.

Mr. David Wang, President of DBA Online


Q & A, Social Activities & Networking

Panelists & DBA Online Committee

Sponsors of this event



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