On Nov. 23, 2002, about 200 members and guests gathered again to have another productive technical seminar held in Hilton Hotel located in Woodbridge, New Jersey. This event was sponsored by Computer Associates, Steeleye, FTEI and Youngtech. It was also co-organized by NJCCPS and CAST-USA. Our hostess June Lee, who is a senior member of American DBA committee, gave the open remarks and briefly introduced the speakers.


Jim Jackson, the product manager and an experienced ex-DBA from CA, gave the presentation of making your web site 80% faster. He emphasized that with more data and more layers involved in today's applications, especially the Internet and web systems, it was very critical to the business to have good performance. He said, according to statistics if a site needed more than 8 seconds to load the page, it would lose the current or potential customers for good since users usually would turn to other sites. Due to the complexity of a web application environment, which is the combination of network, system, database, application server, web server and firewalls, it is very difficult to pinpoint the performance.  However, research showed that 85% of the performance problem was caused by poor SQL statement that accessed the database. Poorly written code also increased the load of CPU, I/O and memory.  Jim demonstrated one of their DBA tools, Unicenter SQL station, to the audience on how to find and tune bad SQL statements.  This tool can be used in such a easy way that you can be a performance tuning expert even you don't know how to run explain and tkprof.


In DBA Online’s previous seminars, we had some Unix System Administration topics and they got good feedback from our members. As DBA we were always curious on what our friends, the SAs were doing. This time, vice president of NJCCPS, Mr. Matt Wu, who is also a senior system administrator working in Ricoh Corporation, walked us through on how to configure NFS (Network File System) and automount on both server and client side in a Sun Solaris 2.x environment. His presentation was detailed and hands-on enough to use as guide to do a complete configuration if you have 'root' privilege. Well, even if we don't have such privilege, it should increase our confidence level to talk to our SAs on this NFS and automount conversation.


In the Oracle database administration world, David Y. Wang, is always the ultimate speaker. David is the president of our organization and the president of Youngtech.  Every time David gives a presentation, people are always amazed by the new stuff he delivers to them. This time, David shared with us some highlights from Oracle OpenWorld that just finished this month in San Francisco. He also introduced to us some new different oracle concepts in 9i, Two-pass recovery, MTTR recovery and Resumable space allocation. He already gave us 9i new feature in the last seminar and so he would not repeat what he lectured before. He also concluded 10 reasons to upgrade your database to 9i. Not only 9i is great but also you will get the opportunities to get hands on the newest technology. The most interesting part to everybody is the real world DBA puzzles and problems and the solutions. It was sure that people were impressed and remembered all the cases in David's PowerPoint slides.


Finally, Mr. Dwain Sims, technical consultant of Steeleye.com, introduced to the audience one of their main products, Lifekeeper, which was a cluster software mainly aiming the market of Linux and windows 2000 platform. Mr. Sims claimed that Lifekeeper was cost effective and easy to use software and it already established a solid market share. With the emerging of Linux servers, they were sure they would do better.


During the four-hour session, people absorbed the intensive knowledge from each presentation. They raised the question so the 4 minutes Q&A time was not really enough. June had to cut the break time to accommodate the overwhelming response from the enthusiastic audience. And still some people lingered after seminar to raise questions and talked to the speaker.


After the seminar more than 100 friends, most of them from DBA Online and NJCCPS, went to KC seafood restaurant to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of DBA Online and Thanksgiving. Chairman and CEO of Youngtech, John Yeung, gave a keynote speech on “Step into Mainstream” at the dinner party. People had a wonderful night with technical contest, game, karaoke and dancing.



  Last DBA Online Seminar
(November 23, 2002)
Date Nov 23, 2002 (Saturday)
Time 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The seminar is free to the public with limited seating. Registration Required

Dinner Party: $10 per person 

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Hilton Hotel, Woodbridge, New Jersey




120 Wood Avenue
Iselin, NJ 08830

Phone: 732-494-4964

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Agenda   (Subject to change)
2:00pm-2:40pm  Making your Oracle web site 80% faster

By Jim Jackson, Product Manager, Computer Associates .


SQL Station, your best friend

By Jim Jackson, Product Manager, Computer Associates .
3:10pm-3:20pm        Break



(1). How to configuring the NFS for Solaris2.X environment  (2)  How to configuring the Automount for Solaris2.x

by Matt Wu, Senior System Administrator, RICOH Corporation 
4:00pm-4:40pm  New Tips for Oracle DBA by David Wang, President, American DBA Online 
4:40pm-4:50pm   Break
4:50pm-5:40pm  Backup and Disaster Recovery with VERITAS Software by Ruben Forte, Senior Consultant, Veritas Software 
5:40pm-6:00pm  Q & A,  Group Discussion

Dinner Party at K.C. Seafood Restaraut

875 Route 1, Woodbridge, NJ 08830                (732)602-2188

(DBA knowledge contest with prize, games, karaoke, dance, etc)

Keynote: "Step into mainstream" - by John Yeung, Chairman & CEO, Youngtech Inc.

DBAOnline and NJCCPS


Sponsors:    Computer Associates  Youngtech Future Tech Enterprise  SteelEye.com  

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