DBA Online Member Survey

Please complete the following survey.

The information we get will be used to improve the quality of service for DBAOnline members.

1. What areas of knowledge you would like to get from DBAOnline seminars? (Choose top three)
  1. Oracle DBA - Oracle DBA advanced topic 2. Other relational Database Administration
  3. Unix System Administration 4. Unix shell scripting
  5. Oracle Developer topic 6. Other application languages
  7. Database design, modeling 8. Application Architecture
  9. Other Application knowledge  
  10. Others

2. Which special interest group discussion do you like to attend?
  1. High Availability Options 2. Data Warehouse
  3. Oracle Application 4. Unix Administration
  5. Web Application 6. None
  7. Others

3. Which non-technical activities would you like to join?
  1. Dinner party 2. Picnic
  3. Skiing 4. Rafting
  5. Dancing 6. None
  7. Others

4. What topic do you want the vendor to present in DBAOnline seminar? (Choose up to three)
  1. Oracle database related tools 2. General Database management tools
  3. Unix management tools 4. Storage management tools
  5. Development tools 6. None
  7. Others

5. Please provide contact information for any vendors and their products that you company use, which never sponsor our previous seminars:

6. How often should DBAOnline have the seminar per year?
  1. Monthly 2. Quarterly 3. Twice a year
  4. Others

7. What is the best time to have DBAOnline seminar?
  1. Saturday morning 2. Saturday afternoon
  3. Saturday evening 4. Sometime Sunday
  5. Other time

8. Would you like to provide any real life stories and tips to fellow members in a presentation?
  1. Yes, I'd like to present. 2. Yes, I'd like to provide the information but let other to present
  3. No

9. What is the major reason(s) for you to join DBAOnline?
  1. to enhance and polish my technical skills 2. to keep up with the newest DBA trends and IT industry
  3. to interact with other DBAs 4. to socialize with people and make friends
  5. to find jobs 6. to have fun
  7. Other

10. Any other suggestion?

11. (Optional) your email is